Wednesday, 6 July 2011

2 days to go

So pleased with the knowledge i only have two days of school left
Then im on work experience
double spanish
triple physics
triple english
triple maths

then im outta here

summer here i come <3

Thursday, 23 June 2011

David Guetta

who would make up that David Guetta has died
its sick
i can prove its fake
look at this site
looks real doesnt it
well click on odd news then see what opens... its just wrong
fake a why would you wish that on someone???


I'd like to say a big happy birthday to the lovely meggy for tomorrow
love you very much hunni
bbq at yours tomorrow night at seven
see you there <3 xxxx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pixie crop!

i can't believe this
oh frankie what have you done :/

Third Session Art

Every Wednesday after school i have my GCSE art lessons for two hours
I've already done one GCSE
we're starting the next one to do this year
i've chosen the topic Looking through
I chose to do looking through canal bridges
and then im concentrating on the water and it's natural forms; like ripples and splashes
Just doing the development at the moment; using materials such as ink, pencil, paint etc
came home with blue hands today, and it wont come off, oops :/

but i think i want to stick to 3d still and create texture
i think it looks more interesting

so fabric is the next step....

Textiles exam

Had my textiles exam first thing this morning, don't know how it went to be honest
went completely blank
didn't know what a working plan is though :S
do now
oops, looks like i dropped a fair few marks there :/

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Every Tuesday i help out at guides
Today it was our wonderful leader Pats special birthday
So cleverly Sarah decided as part of the royal wedding badge, which we embaressingly still havnt finished, that we'd decorate biscuits on a wedding theme (pats birthday) shhh I said nothing.....
We decorated the biscuits didn't we?
We're not cheating?

Silly sarah though forgot about us leaders sugar problem
Not only did we OD on the amount of biscuits we made (digestives with icing and sweets)
We (I) finished off all the strawberry laces and chocolate buttons

Oh well I think the guides enjoyed then anyway xx